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The UK is full of beautiful places to visit, although it is easy for some places to remain under the radar. One of these is the Lune Valley which has picturesque villages and strolling walks to enjoy.

Here at Meadow View Caravan Park, our blog this month provides a guide to the Lune Valley.

Where is the Lune Valley?

Located not far from Lancaster, Carnforth and Kendal, the Lune Valley provides a beautiful place to relax. It has been a popular location for many in the past. This includes artists John Ruskin and TMW Turner who enjoyed painting the surroundings.

The valley follows the path of the River Lune. This stretches for 53 miles through both Cumbria and Lancaster until it reaches the Irish Sea. The name is thought to come from a combination of the Roman for ‘pure’ and Anglo-Saxon for ‘river’.

There are a number of villages and towns located along the path of the river. Below is a look into our top 3 and why you should visit them.


The parish and village of Caton is the perfect place for a walk outdoors. There are plenty of things to do, including a walk down the banks of the river or a bite to eat.

One of the oldest features in Caton is the ‘Druid’s Oak’. The remains of an Oak tree stand on the ‘Fish Stones’, marking a monument that was once there.


Our caravan park at Meadow View is located close to the village of Arkholme, putting you in the perfect place to explore the area. The location has a small population and is centred around the local church. St John’s the Baptist has been there for many years and is set alongside an Anglo-Saxon burial ground.

During the First World War, Arkholme was one of only 2 villages in Lancashire where all of the soldiers returned home. All 59 came home and to this day these men are remembered.

Kirkby Lonsdale

This town runs alongside the Lune and is known for ‘Devil’s Bridge’, which is a popular place for local bikers to visit. Kirkby Lonsdale has endless places to visit, including St Mary’s Church, Ruskin’s View and Salt Pie Lane.

If you need some food, then there are plenty of locations to consider. These include Plato’s Bar, the Sun Hotel, and Jingling Lane Chippy.

Stay in Lunesdale

If you are interested in exploring the Lune Valley, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team today. At Meadow View Caravan Park our site is perfectly located for you to make the most of the surrounding countryside.

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