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When you are regularly taking advantage of your static caravan, you want to make sure there are plenty of activities for you and the family. Although you can continue with the more common local attractions, it’s good to mix things up and try new ideas for your next caravan holiday.

Meadow View Caravan Park have a number of holiday homes and static caravans for sale. Our parks, combined with the stunning local location, makes it the perfect location for any caravan holiday.

Check For Upcoming Events

Near your static caravan, there may be a range of attractions. Varying from wildlife centres to waterparks, there are so many things for families to get involved in. When buying a static caravan, it can be good to spread these out over different holidays. This adds to the excitement of each trip and ensures there is always new things to do.

At the same time, you can check to see what upcoming events are on in the local area. Going on caravan holidays in a different area gives you a fantastic opportunity to see different events and performance that are not local to you. You can even plan your holiday dates around each event.

As Meadow View Caravan Parks hold a 12-month license, you can visit as much as you like. If there are any upcoming events you are interested in, staying at your static caravan gives you the best possible accommodation, whenever you need it.

Hiking, Walking & Climbing

You may have to drive to some of the better hiking locations, this is a great option for all families. Static caravan holidays offer a great chance to spend time together as a family and stay away from tv screens and mobile phones.

With incredible scenery in the local area, going on hikes, walks and climbs allows you to spend time with each other, take in the countryside and even see some of the local wildlife. As there are several hiking locations, you can continue to visit different areas if you have a passion for this.

Plan For Rainy Days

Even in the best parts of the UK, the weather is always unpredictable. Regardless of where your static caravan is located, there’s a good chance you will have to deal with a couple of rainy days. However, this doesn’t mean the fun has to end and a static caravan can add to the enjoyment of rainy day activities.

You can still choose to leave the caravan park. Swimming and cinema trips are both perfect for kids when the weather has let you down. It’s best to plan some activities for when the rain does happen and there are many ideas for you to choose from.


With most caravan parks having a lot of open space available, it can be easy to setup mini-tournaments. Whether this is indoor or outdoor, you can base it around a ton of games and see who wins overall. You can use games such as Jenga and Monopoly, to Olympic themed tournaments for more active kids and families.

Caravan parks are not just perfect for a homely holiday destination but the fantastic amount of space that is available. Make sure to utilise the entire caravan park and be creative when staying on-site.


Static caravans are a fantastic option for any holiday and a great way for your family to spend time together. Your holiday can be made even better by socialising with other people and families at the caravan park.

Especially if you have children with you, finding other families will make sure everyone stays entertained and your holiday is more relaxing.

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