The Rise of Staycations

Going on holiday is one of the most popular activities that people undertake. As well as giving you the chance to explore, having a break away gives you much needed rest. With busy lifestyles and various responsibilities, people are always looking for an escape.

Today holidaymakers go all over the world to visit new countries and cultures. However, it seems that staycations have become popular all over again. Our blog at Meadow View Caravan Park takes a look into the history of British holidays and why you should consider a staycation.

History of British Holidays

Despite being a relatively recent invention, holidays are a major part of our culture in the UK. The word comes from ‘Holy Days’ and mainly existed for the middle and upper classes. However, in 1841 Baptist preacher Thomas Cook became the first person to offer a package holiday. This may have only been a one day return trip from Leicester to Loughborough, but it sill made a huge impact.

The idea of holidays for lower classes grew and became popular for cotton workers in Lancaster in the 1870s. They would often travel for a week unpaid from the city to seaside resorts including Morecambe and Blackpool. To add to this, the very first Butlins was opened in Skegness in 1936, marking a huge step in breaks away.

Finally, the legal right to take holiday leave as a worker came into force in 1939. Since then the legislation has grown and people in the UK are entitled to much more holiday time.

Travelling Abroad

During the 1970s, there was a major shift in where people went. According to figures, in 1975 there were 40 million British workers heading on seaside staycations. More people had their own cars and camping and caravanning holidays were (and still are) extremely popular.

Although, going abroad was becoming more attractive, especially after the shut down of many railway stations in the 1960s. In fact, more money was spent on holidays abroad than at home by 1979. Luxurious hotel rooms, foreign countries, sun and sand tempted people away from staying at home. With more people going abroad, more deals emerged including all inclusive and full board.

Staycations Are Popular Again

How we go away has continued to change over the last 20 years. People are more likely to take short breaks or weekends away than a 2 week long trip. The internet and social media has made an impact and it is now much easier to search for holidays. Gone are the days of newspapers and teletext, giving people more freedom and control.

However, this year more people are choosing to take their holidays at home. According to Travel Weekly, more than two thirds are planning to take their summer breaks in the UK. This figure is up 12% from last year, showing the rise of staycations once again. Some people put this down to worries over Brexit, however others believe that holidaymakers are simply expanding their options.

Future of Holidays

With bookings and searches for staycation holidays up, is there a future in the British holiday industry? Of course there is! In a recent article by Travel Supermarket they named the Lake District and Blackpool as two of the top 10 places to visit. One offers stunning countryside and the other is a traditional seaside resort.

One of the best ways to enjoy a break away is to have your own caravan. At Meadow View Caravan Park in Carnforth, Lancashire, our site has several units for sale. If you would like more details, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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